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Il comune di Pella appartiene a: Regione Piemonte - Provincia di Novara

La ex Cartiera Sonzogno - The former Sonzogno Paper mill (EN)

In the past, water from river Pellino granted the functioning of the Sonzogno Paper mill in Pella. Water was used for the maceration of paper pulp and above all it gave energy to two powerful dynamos that produced electric energy to illuminate the factory and some lamps along the streets of the village: one of the first of the area to have public lighting. The company employed more than one hundred workers and produced paper for the publishing house Sonzogno in Milan until the year 1907. This paper was used to print the Milanese newspaper “Il Secolo” and many illustrated printings thanks to its very good quality. Later the firm was used for the production of metals for leather-goods by engineer Ferrari. Recently it has been restored and converted to residential use