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Il comune di Pella appartiene a: Regione Piemonte - Provincia di Novara

Il complesso di San Filiberto - The complex of St. Filiberto (EN)

The complex of St. Filiberto is located on a meadow on the lakeshore. This church is the oldest chapel of the western shore of Orta’s lake. It was probably built in the 11th century and the apse is turned east towards the still existing docking. It is surrounded by a circle of 14 chapels dated to the year 1794 and representing the Way of the Cross. In front of the church there is the romanic bell tower dated from the historian Verzone between the years 1075 and 1110. It is characterized by a simple square plant structure with thin loopholes in the lower part and two floors of mullioned windows in the upper part. There are brick arches and stone median mullions. The church has a gabled façade with a front door edged in granite and an oculus closed by a glass. Inside the church there is a single nave and the ceiling is made of wooden beams and planks. There are also two stem holywater stoups, a transenna in granite mullions (1781) and the high altar in polychrome wood. At the beginning of the 20th century, it has been discovered on a wall a part of a fresco representing St. Giulio and other popular faces that are difficult to recognize. It is also possibile to read the name of St. Filiberto written in Gothic-type