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Il comune di Pella appartiene a: Regione Piemonte - Provincia di Novara

Chiesa Parrocchiale di Sant'Albino - The parish church of St. Albino (EN)

The parish church of St. Albino in Pella is dedicated to the Bishop St. Albino. The granite architrave on the entrance door testifies that it was built in the year 1591. Until the year 1616, the parish church of Pella was like all other communities of the territory a member of the only rural church located on the island of St. Giulio. In the year 1869, there were important works in the church: the lenghtening of the single nave, the add of the portico at the entrance, the realization of the new mosaic floor of the presbytery and of the choir, the completion of wrought iron of the baptistery. In the year 1877, the painter Giovanni Valtorta (ancestor of the painter Albertelli) came from Milan and painted the rosettes on the ceiling and the two altar-pieces on both sides of the presbytery: Nativity and Deposition. Inside the church, on the right of the entrance, it is preserved a remarkable canvas by Perraccino: The Presentation. The new bell tower has replaced the original one in the year 1936. It was built with granite stones from the quarry of Alzo. The stone-cutters worked for free for at least ten-twelve hours