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Il comune di Pella appartiene a: Regione Piemonte - Provincia di Novara

Chiesa Parrocchiale di San Giovanni Battista - The parish church of St. Giovanni Battista (EN)

The parish church of St. Giovanni Battista is a part of the beautiful frame of the square in Alzo di Pella. It was built starting from the year 1589. Pietro Guidini di Giacomo came from the valley of Lugano to project and build it. On 29Th May 1674 Alzo became parish church under the name of St. Giovanni Battista. The church is characterized by a single nave and four chapels on the sides. In the year 1791, there were big works to enlarge and restore the church. The first altar to be restored, was the one on the side of the epistyle dedicated to St. Nicola from Tolentino and it was blessed on 3rd June 1783. The high altar is isolated and located in the presbytery. It is dedicated to the Nativity of St. Giovanni Battista and it was blessed on 23th june 1783. The choir with its chairs, backs, supports and pre-dieus made of walnut with some cuttings was built in the year 1791. In the year 1816, the pews were replaced and in 1869, it was begun the paving of the vestibule of the main entrance of the church realized by the carpenter Piralla Maurizio from Alzo. In the year 1894, it was decorated by the painters Valsesia and Bovini. The figures of the frescoes on the vaults were painted by Burlazzi and represent scenes of the life of St. Giovanni. In the year 1934, the mullions made of antique marble were placed on the two altars of St. Giuseppe and of Sacro Cuore. In the year 1940 cathedral glasses were placed in the windows and the wooden altar of Sacro Cuore was replaced by a polished granite one