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Leave your car in the parking of the cemetery of St.Rocco in Pella, walk along the boundary wall and on the left you will find the old bridge on river Pellino. Follow the mule track on the right, after 1 km the trail becomes flat and you will find the asphalt road: follow it and after about 1 km you will arrive in Monte San Giulio.
Otherwise, go on the asphalt road: on the left you can find a trail that cuts all the curves. In a while, you will arrive to the first houses of a small village. At the end of the trail, on the left, there is a washhouse, after that, keep on walking for about 300 meters. There you will find another mule track with a sign indicating the way to Egro. From there, it takes twenty minutes to arrive to the village. If you follow the main road after Egro, you arrive in Grassona, another beautiful small village. If you go down the road, you arrive to Colma di Cesara and from there you can go back to Pella

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